Today was the last excursion of the course. We went with a small group of students to Waterschap Groot Salland – one of the 25 regional water authorities in the Netherlands. We learned about the work of the water authority and about some of the projects. We then visited the flood defenses in Kampen and […]

Today we looked at some of the dams and storm surge barriers associated with the Delta Plan. This plan was set in place after the disastrous flood of 1953. Our excursion included stops at the Eastern Schelde barrier, Brouwersdam, Haringvliet sluce complex and the Maeslantkering. We ended the day with the offer of a free smoked eel […]

Today’s excursion was through Europoort. This is one of the largest port facilities in the world. We started in Rotterdam and worked our way out to the Maasvlaakte II at the North Sea. 

The Vecht River excursion follows part of the Vecht River between the city of Utrecht and the town of Loenen a/d Vecht. We looked at some of the large country estates along this section. Our friend Sander Griffieon led us on a walking tour the town of Loenen a/d Vecht. After the walk we warmed […]

Today our focus was newtowns – specifically IJburg and Almere. IJburg was constructed over the past 10 years on artificial islands. It is located within the city of Amsterdam. Almere is in the southern Flevoland polder. A new city center was built in the last decade. 

Today we got another late start due to fog. Once the fog burned off we had wonderful (but cold) weather for our excursion. We started by traveling through three of the 17th century drained lakes in the area just north of Amsterdam. We visited a windmill museum in Schermerhoorn. We then took a look at […]

We started the day with a one hour delay due to snow. On the news we heard that the country set a record for the longest traffic jams ever. So we shortened our planned excursion a bit. We first traveled to the town of Wijk-bij-Duurstede where we were met by Laura’s great uncle Harry van […]